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Why I'm Learning to Sew


 I decided to pick up sewing as a hobby but also out of necessity. I love fashion, but clothes just don’t fit me. This has meant a lifetime of almost-crying in dressing rooms.

I had been toying with the idea of investing in a sewing machine, but I was just too scared to take the leap. Thanks to the encouragement of many people in my life, I finally said yes to the challenge of learning (and re-learning) how to sew with a machine.



When I was young, one of the things that I imagined that I could be when I grew up was a fashion designer. I would draw (horrible, ugly) designs in my journal and pretend that I was shaping history. I wasn’t very good at drawing, and I’m still not. But the passion for creating my own garments still remains.


Both my maternal and paternal grandmothers are great at sewing. I was taught the basics when I was little. I made pillows and helped cut patterns for our Halloween costumes.

When I spent a week with my Nana, we spent hours creating new outfits for my Barbies.

I have many fond memories of learning to sew, and I feel very connected to my grandmothers while my sewing machine is humming along. I hope that I can keep passing on their skills and love to the next generation.


Lately, if you compliment my outfit, you will likely hear me say, “Thanks, I thrifted it!”

I almost exclusively buy my clothes second-hand these days. It’s affordable, the pieces you’ll find are unique, and it reduces your impact on forced/unsafe labor and the environment. It’s really a win-win-win for me.

If you’d like to know more about what inspired me to change my shopping habits, I highly recommend watching The True Cost on Netflix.

Having a sewing machine has completely transformed my shopping experience. When I see an item that is out of my size range, I actually have the power to change it. No more emotional breakdowns in the dressing room.

And yes, I’ve taken my clothes to be altered before. It never comes out exactly how I want it, and as a shy gal, it’s so awkward to ask for revisions. Now, I am making my clothes fit precisely how I want them to, and I have never felt more confident.

I feel like the possibilities are endless.

Oh yeah, did I mention that I made this dress? I MADE THIS DRESS.


It used to be a men’s button up shirt, but thanks to this tutorial by The Nava Rose on Youtube, it’s found a new life.  

It feels like a piece that would have come from Reformation or Petite Studio New York, two slow fashion brands I feel like I could never blow that much money on. My version only cost $8.  

I’m looking forward to doing more thrift-flips and sewing challenges. If you see a garment style that you think I should try next, let me know.


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