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The ethical fit I want to wear every day

I'm serious when I say that I wear this outfit at least once a week. The sports bra and leggings are from Girlfriend Collective, and they were one of my first ethical and sustainable fashion purchases that I made in 2017.

You may have heard of Girlfriend Collective from their ad campaign in 2016. They advertised on social media that they were giving away free leggings for their brand launch. I saw the ads everywhere, for months.  

Finally, they got me. I ordered my free pair. And I knew once I tried them on that I was going to be ordering more. 

What I love about Girlfriend Collective

  • They make their fabric from recycled water bottles.

  • They pay their factory workers in Vietnam a fair wage.

We start pay at 125% of the local minimum wage, provide both free catered lunch (and dinner for those who work the evening shifts) instead of just a lunchroom, and guided exercise breaks, because no one likes to stare at a desk all day (us included). -Girlfriend Collective 

  • Their models are diverse in race and size.

I've realized that other brands tend to sell ‘woman power’ t-shirts but still exploit female labor abroad. I support Girlfriend Collective because it doesn’t just try to commodify feminism, it embodies it.

What I love about the fit

  • The compression is comfortable, and the stretch is great.

  • The leggings work well in both hot and cold weather.

  • No fabric bunching up in the crotch area. You know what I mean. 

  • They don't advertise this, but I've found that they are more dog hair and lint resistant than any other leggings that I've owned. 

  • The bra is thicker and longer than your average sports bra, which is why I am comfortable wearing it like a crop top.

How I wear my set

I own the Paloma bra and the high waisted leggings in ¾ length and full length. (I'm wearing the  ¾ length in these photos and recommend it if you are short like me.)

Most often, I pair the leggings and top with tennis shoes and a jacket. It's become my signature look for running errands.

I also occasionally dress this set up by pairing it with black heeled boots. I’ve worn that combination on a night out with friends and I can confirm that when you're wearing false eyelashes it's totally dance instructor chic.

I totally recommend placing an order.

The only cons are that the pieces are a bit pricey and take a while to ship from Vietnam, but I’ve learned that nice things are worth the cost and the wait. #SlowFashion

I'm considering ordering another set soon. All black and neutral clothing is in my comfort zone, but which color do you think I should try next?

If you liked this post, let me know. I've been trying out a few other ethical and eco-friendly brands, maybe I'll share some more of my favorites. I'm on a fashion journey right now.~

P.S. This is not a sponsored post. I just really really love these pieces. <3

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