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A Bookish Senior Photo Shoot

I can't believe my baby sister is going to college soon. I'm so proud of everything that she has accomplished! It was an honor to be able to take her senior photos, but it was also very fun. It is hard to take a bad photo of her, especially considering her supermodel figure and killer red hair. This photo was actually a candid one. We were just testing the aperture and snapped a photo and it killed me.

For the theme, she knew she wanted to stay away from any of the typical senior photo shoot looks (cap and gown and letterman jacket), but we kept red as a theme for both her high school colors and the theme of her graduation party: Dr. Pepper.

Instead of the traditional letterman jacket, Sara opted for this red leather jacket which she thrifted. It reminded her of Emma Swan from Once Upon a Time, so she had to have it. And it worked so well with the book motif that we were incorporating into the shoot.

Sara did her own makeup and kept it pretty simple. When we started the shoot, her hair was actually still wet from her morning shower so we alternated bun hairstyles between wardrobe changes. Anything is possible with a comb and some bobby pins.

I am so happy to be able to see my baby sister off to college in just a few short weeks. I know she is going to have an amazing time chasing her dreams. She's had her head in the books since she was a kid, and now it's time for her to see the world.

Love you, Sara!


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