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Our First Advent Wreath • Dollar Store DIY

This is our second married Christmas. We've added some new decorations to our new home. Pedro is really excited about having icicle lights on the exterior of the house, but this is one of my new favorite additions - our new advent wreath. We are hosting Christmas dinner at our house for the first time, so it was a necessity to have one. I feel like such a grown up!

Of course, I got all the materials from the dollar store because that is where I always start my DIY's. I wanted the wreath to be humble, simple, and modern. In total, the materials cost $7 because the wooden cutting board was priced at $3. This is hardly a DIY. There was nothing fancy about setting it up, but it is so pretty that I almost want to keep it out all year.

I can't wait to use this wreath when my family comes over on Christmas and we sing "Happy Birthday" to Jesus. Here's to new traditions and new hope.

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