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2 Ways to Style a $1 Tray

You have to spend money to save money, right? Well, I spend way too much time at the dollar store. Sometimes I like to go just to walk down the aisles and see what I can make into something new and better. It is a bad habit I picked up from my mom.

Since we moved into our new house in September, I have been obsessing with making it perfect already. I have no patience and no money, which is why I turn to DIYing and the dollar store. One of my favorite purchases has been these small silver trays. They are probably intended for serving and parties, but I have found them useful in de-cluttering and glamorizing my life.

I have one tray in my new "closet", which is actually just a spare bedroom. This room has really been coming together since Pedro painted it for me. I haven't really liked the color pink up until this point in my life, but now I am surrounded by this peaceful "blush" color every morning when I'm getting ready, and I love it.

For this circular tray, I gathered together my perfumes and my most reached for nail polishes. As you can see, I have a thing for the Mark Jacobs perfumes. Having this tray makes everything look instantly more beautiful and purposeful than if all of this stuff was just sitting on my dresser.

I probably also need a long term organization plan for my jewelry, but right now I am kind of enjoying the mess. It looks like I have a small trove of treasure.

Our restroom is in progress. We painted it an almost-black color, because I felt that it would make everything else look really clean. So far, I'm loving it. In the restroom, I like the counter to be completely clear aside from the soap dispenser and our toothbrush holder, but that leaves a lot of blank space on the rest of the counter that needed to be filled, according to my obsessive compulsive requirements.

With this oval shaped tray, I added a glass bottle with our mouthwash ($1 at Hobby Lobby), two shot glasses from the dollar store (for using the mouthwash), a vase and flowers from the dollar store, and a couple of our products that matched the decor perfectly. It is both functional and beautiful.

These two trays each have their own purpose and style. I also have another tray in our entryway that is a catch-all tray for our keys, but it is not pictured in this post because I am not done designing our entryway yet. I'm sure I could think of more ways to use these trays around the house, but three is probably enough.

What is your favorite dollar store find for the home?

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