• Sydnie Mares

Halloween in New Orleans

Although we didn't necessarily do Halloween costumes this year, the weekend before Halloween was really spooky. My family caravan-ed to New Orleans for my cousin's wedding. My grandmother used Airbnb and rented our family a huge house to sleep in. I kept swearing that I saw ghosts there. It was awesome.

My family has been super supportive of my vegetarianism. I was worried about travelling with a restricted diet. Stopping at Cracker Barrel made it pretty easy. They cooked all the beans with meat unfortunately, but I had Mac and Cheese.

I texted my sisters and my mom weeks in advance. I wanted us to coordinate our outfits because I knew I was going to be taking a lot of photos. The theme was "witches chic". We all had Beyoncé's Lemonade in our heads the whole time.

My outfit included a bodysuit from Forever 21, denim shorts from American Eagle, and boots from Forever 21. I finished the look with Kat Von D's liquid liptsick in "Outlaw".

The wedding itself was beautiful. The venue was lovely, the food was delicious, and the love that my cousin has for her new husband was so strong. They were both glowing.

I love my sisters! Look at us, killing it at all times.

Okay, it was really sunny and the lighting wasn't that flattering, so I just tried to make the shadows look purposeful. I never know what I'm going for when I start taking these OOTD photos. Pedro is so patient with me.

Thank you to my family (especially my grandparents and mom for providing financial support). A lot of the photos we took were staged. The fun was real though.

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