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NYC Day 1: Pedro's First Plane Ride and His Favorite Pizza

To celebrate our first married anniversary we decided to take a trip to New York. Our honeymoon was pretty low-key in Galveston because we were broke after the wedding, so this was our chance to really blow some money on a big vacation. Honestly it was a little nerve wracking. This was the first time either of us had been on a week long trip without my family. This was also Pedro's first time flying, so it was a huge adventure all around.

The first thing we did after checking our bag and going through airport security was to get airport breakfast. This photo shows the remains of a really delicious airport breakfast pizza. Also note that the lady taking our order thought I said my name was Cindy and I just rolled with it—this happens to me all the time.

When we went to Disney World last year we had so much fun. It was Pedro's first time going to Disney, and I got to see all of his precious reactions when he went on all the rides and saw all the shows, my favorite part of the trip. When we went on the roller coaster Space Mountain, he was especially scared because the entire ride is in pitch darkness. He screamed the whole time. That is the best way that I can explain his reaction to the plane taking off, except thankfully he did not scream out loud (I could still see it in his eyes though).

On the plane we watched The Scorch Trials. I don't know what I expected because I fell asleep during Maze Runner a year ago when we watched it in the hotel on our honeymoon. A free movie is a free movie though. I also tried to catch up on some of my Entertainment Weekly magazines but there was quite a bit of turbulence and the motion sickness was a nuisance. I also put on Origin's Drink Up moisturizing face mask on during the plane ride because that seemed like something a blogger would do.

When the plane was landing the two boys sitting adjacent warned "BRACE YOURSELVES". Pedro didn't brace himself though and he was startled when the wheels touched the runway. He is so cute. We called an Uber, got to our hotel, walked to get sandwiches nearby, and then took a nap.

Our first sightseeing experience was probably Pedro's favorite—Times Square. The big city and bustling streets didn't change him though. My man still wanted some ice cream as he always does. He ordered a cone from a street vendor but was really disappointed that it wasn't that great and it cost $8.

For dinner we wandered around until we found an open and affordable options. I got falafel from Maoz and it was the best I've had. It was crispy and the garlic sauce was perfect. Pedro, unsure about trying falafel, spotted a $1 pizza place. When we walked in they had just pulled a cheese pizza out of the oven and he ordered two slices. Then for the rest of the trip he maintained that that was the best pizza in New York.

We had fun shopping around (well, going into stores and looking). The Forever 21 was huge, the Disney store was cute, and we had a great first night.

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