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NYC Day 4: Our First Anniversary

One year of marriage??? It is still almost unbelievable for both of us. We still feel like little kids and at every step we're like "Who is letting us do this??" We started off with brunch at this cafe that Pedro picked - and wow, he really knows how to pick 'em.

This morning I had the greatest difficulty getting ready. Even though all the elements of my outfit were awesome and planned perfectly, I couldn't get my lip line right and I picked a terrible day to try a new sticky bra that wasn't exactly seamless. My confidence was ironically so low even though I looked like I was killing it.

Pedro ordered pancakes. He's a simple man. I love him.

We caught a matinee of The Lion King. It was awesome. I've seen it before and Pedro hadn't, so that was one thing that I really wanted him to experience.

Pedro looks so cute in this photo. I was so uncomfortable in that sticky bra, can you tell? That is what I get for going to Target at the last minute. The one I usually buy was out of stock. Ladies, let's talk sticky bras. Do you know of any that are super seamless and not grossly expensive?

We went to Baohaus after the show. This was on the top of Pedro's list because the owner of the restaurant is the inspiration for the show Fresh Off the Boat. Pedro didn't have many things that he REALLY wanted to do in NY, but this was one of them.

He got chicken something, I got tofu something. We weren't super impressed, but I could definitely appreciate the vibe there. And the photo wall of celebrities who had been there was cool.

We actually went in here right after because they had vegetarian nuggets. Is there a nugget restaurant in Houston? We need one.

I was feeling better at this point. You can tell because I was annoying Pedro while he was trying to look up our next bus stop.

Because we were kind of running late, I didn't get to snap a photo of the outside, but we were en route to the Upright Citizen's Brigade Theater. I had read about in in Amy Poehler's book. We saw a comedy stand up show with about 5 comic routines. The tickets were only $10 each and we were laughing with our whole bodies. 10/10 recommend.

Wandering around trying to find a place for late night food, I happened to see Katz's Deli in the distance. This is the restaurant from When Harry Met Sally, every Food Network travel show, and that Samsung Pay commercial. I'm not eating meat, so we didn't eat dinner there, but it was so cool to have been in another spot from one of my favorite movies.

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