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NYC Day 5: Getting 20K Steps

Our last full day in NY consisted of so much walking. I wasn't sure if I was going to make it. My legs were so sore from all the previous days. We tried to get as many sights in on our last day as we could. Our first stop was Alexander Hamilton's house. Getting there required a long subway ride and a lot of uphill walking.

When we made it to Hamilton's house it was eerily quiet. Also it was closed. That was my bad. But I still got a good photo op.

Next we walked through Central Park. Again, it was eerily quiet. I think we must have missed the parts that were bustling with people. Or maybe it was just a Tuesday morning.

I was really excited to go to an art museum, and after debating the MOMA or the Met, we ended up deciding on the Met. I loved seeing all of the fashion at the Met Gala ever since I watched a documentary about Vogue on Netflix. Meanwhile, Pedro had no idea what the Met Gala was. Before we went in we got a crepe from a street vendor. Worst crepe we've ever had, but it held us over until our next meal well enough.

Notice, I saw Hamilton twice in one day for little to no money. NY isn't so bad.

When walking in museums, I like to keep moving through and just get the vibes of the exhibit. Pedro likes to stop and read the plaques.

Who knew this painting was so huge?? I've only seen it in textbooks. We were both shocked. Pedro read that the frame was not original, but the frame was one of the coolest parts, honestly.

The special exhibit that was going on was "Fashion in the Age of Technology". That was the theme of the Met Gala this year, which was wild. I had no idea that there was an accompanying exhibit. Some of the pieces were 3D printed, some were created by machines, and some were hand sewn and embroidered.

After the Met, we headed to the other side of the city to see the Brooklyn Bridge. We only walked half of the bridge and then walked back, which is kind of like walking one whole bridge length. My quads were feeling it.

Our last stop was at the big Macy's. We got a few souvenirs for our family members and walked around in awe of how one store can have its own food court. We earned our Uber ride at the end of the night. I was not going to walk another step.

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