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NYC Day 2: A Movie Tour and a Kiss at the Empire State Building

We started our second day (first full day) in NY with a movie sight-seeing bus tour. It was a little bit drizzly in the morning, but that was perfect for our aesthetic.

We stopped in Washington Square Park. I love this arch because it reminds me of the first time I went to NY with my mom and When Harry Met Sally. Our tour guide also pointed out Will Smith's apartment from I am Legend.

Our outfits were not coordinated on purpose, but we just end up wearing the same thing quite often.

This was Will Smith's apartment building in Hitch. Good movie.

The Ghostbusters building was under construction at the time and looked quite ugly from the outside, but that didn't stop us from getting out and taking photos anyways.

This wasn't on the movie tour, but this is exactly the type of building I would love to live in. There's even greenery on the inside. Pedro said that while I was taking this photo the man who lived in the building was waiting to walk into his house. I didn't notice.

This building is where the crew for Friends got establishing shots for the apartment building. Friends was shot in Hollywood though so this building is just a tourist trap for cuties like us.

Speaking of tourist traps, this is the pub that was the inspiration for McLaren's Pub on How I Met Your Mother. We thought that we were going to eat here after the tour, but after peeking in we decided the food didn't look THAT great and it didn't look very much like the TV show.

With no set schedule, we decided to check out the High Line, an old railway turned into an urban garden. It was pretty. I wish that I could have seen it in the springtime.

After adventuring all morning, we took a nap and woke up to find that it was dark outside. It worked out because I hadn't been up to the Empire State Building at night, and what could be more romantic for our anniversary trip? We got a sushi bowl for dinner and then headed to the observation deck.

It was beautiful. It was really tricky to take photos up here of us. I just couldn't get the lighting right. But the view was beautiful. Pedro's favorite part was being able to see how lit up Times Square was. We kissed, and it was Meg-Ryan-movie-romantic.

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