• Sydnie Mares

Remembering Galena Park Methodist Church

This Sunday was the last service at Galena Park Methodist Church. I went there from when I was born up until I was in first grade. People in my family, like my great grandmother, have been going there for about 60 years. My parents and grandparents were married there. I was baptized there along with my siblings. It was a very special place. Here are a few of my memories there.

Vacation Bible School: I remember being in that one room. When I walked into it on Sunday it looked so small. I remember my grandmother leading, and my dad was always the puppet.

Easter egg hunts: I don’t know how much of these memories are based on the fact that we have so many pictures of these events, but when I look at the pictures I definitely remember the feeling and the place although I don’t have any real stories or actions attached to the scenes.

Communion: I remember thinking, “Wow, I am hungry. I hope today is the Sunday that we get the bite of bread.” I can’t believe I didn’t figure out the pattern. I also remember feeling guilty for only thinking of my hunger because I didn’t quite understand but I knew that Communion was supposed to be special/sacred.

My dad: I remember my dad sitting at the sound board during the service. I would sometimes sit next to him and that is where he taught me how to braid using the ribbons on the hymnals. This Sunday I attempted to teach my little cousin how to braid, it was a sweet moment, but it reminded me that my little OCD brain could not stand how there was four ribbons and I only needed three to braid with. Do you just add a ribbon to another ribbon or leave the fourth ribbon out to hang by itself??? I will never be at peace with that.

The cry room: I don’t remember crying there but I feel like my siblings probably spent some time in there.

Although Galena Park Methodist is no longer my home church, there are so many warm memories associated with it, well at least “memory feelings”.

These photos were taken across the street from Galena Park Methodist after the service. Afterwards, we went to a Chinese buffet and I filled up on french fries and bread.

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