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Spring Break In Port Aransas, TX

This year I was a little bit disappointed that I wasn't going to be able to go to SXSW for the first time in three years. But then my friend was telling me about her recent trip to Port Aransas, and I realized that is what Pedro and I should do. We booked our first Airbnb and I bought a new swimsuit.

On the way, we stopped at a really great crawfish place called Pinchers, and we may have stopped there on the way back as well...

Before we left Houston, we stopped at the grocery store and stocked up on fruits and everything we needed. unfortunately I didn't get a good photo of the inside of the cottage, but it was perfect. Pedro is the official pancake chef of our household and he totally slayed this breakfast.

Meet Tubey, AKA Tubey Flenderson, AKA Tube-y Continued. The tube jokes never ended on this trip. We had to stop by CVS on the way to the beach and I could see Pedro eyeing all of the beach toys. "Can I get this?" he asked so sweetly, pointing to a $4 tube. I laughed and said of course. When we got to the beach, he was blowing up. "Oh my gosh, I'm so excited. I've never had one of these before!" Who knew it would only take $4 to make him so happy. With Pedro, sometimes its the simple things that really amaze him. I wish I could have his sense of wonder sometimes.

I love watching Pedro (and Tubey) go play in the waves. I love beaches but hate ocean water. I admire how even though he knows I don't like to spend a lot of time out there he is still so enthusiastic.

Our beach set up: curtain from my old dorm room, tote bag from Target, and our cooler that we bought on our honeymoon in Galveston. For snacking we had a cooler filled with a fruit salad from earlier that morning, sweet potato chips, and some grilled cheese sandwiches.

The weather was actually pretty cloudy, but at least it wasn't rainy.

Pedro is majestic like the mighty seagull.

Here's a little no-makeup selfie. We tried exploring the city. Turns out there's really only, golf carts, gift shops, and more water. We bought a Christmas ornament and two hats.

We packed our bags, turned in the key, and put the camera on self timer. The end of our first non-honeymoon vacation as a married couple.

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