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Things that I wanted to be when I grew up

I changed my mind about what I wanted to be when I grew up pretty often. I mostly knew what I wasn't called to be – a doctor or lawyer or anything that made a lot of money but didn't seem like a lot of fun. If it was a typical career, I didn't want it. Here are some things that I did think about though.

  1. Author/Illustrator – I tried my hand at this when I was a kid because I really loved reading books. I loved the idea that someone made them. I loved AR points too. I would check out a whole shelf of picture books at the library, read through the stack, and then sit at the computer and take tests on them. I found out that writing books with substance was actually really hard to do.

  2. Artist – I took classes, and for some reason my teacher thought that I had real promise. I thought he was a weirdo with bug eyes. I’m really glad that I had that experience. I got to sculpt with clay. My mom still has those “ice cream” sculptures that I made in her living room. Where I really got discouraged in that pursuit was the assignment where we had to create a comic book. Mine was about a huge baby (Cry Baby) that wanted cookies. Not very innovative. I hated my kid self because I couldn’t think of anything good and the kids around me were drawing in anime style and it looked cool. Then I took a jewelry making class and I liked it but I was bored.

  3. Gymnast – My gymnastics career tanked when I realized that I would have to do a flip and I begged my mom to quit. I still don’t understand how those work. I don’t know how one doesn’t just land on their head. I can’t even do a flip on a trampoline, and if I get ready to try, my stomach muscles don’t let me. Survival instincts maybe.

  4. Figure Skater – I blame movies for this. I looked up ice skating classes on the computer. All of them were far and expensive, so that pretty much went nowhere.

  5. Fashion Designer – I really wanted to become this. I would draw sketches of dresses. Spoiler alert – they were either striped or polka dotted. If I got crazy, they might have been one shoulder sleeved. I quickly realized I didn’t have enough inspiration for this.

  6. Interior Designer – I still think this would be really fun. Hire me, let’s find out.

  7. Director – We watched the hell out of all of our DVD’s growing up. We watched every bonus feature that we could, and I loved it. Once I started working with a camera, I realized that I wanted to be working behind the scenes of production. I’m still not sure where. I would like to just keep on being creative for my whole life. I think that is my dream job.

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